Heart-led Business Close To Marketing Burnout? Here’s What I Learnt

Marketing burnout has been one of the most debilitating and yet enlightening things thats ever happened to me. Let me explain why.

When you’re steering the ship of a heart-led wellbeing business, it’s easy to get caught up in the relentless pursuit of your vision. Or worse, get overwhelmed and freeze in the endless ways you can use digital marketing to engage customers in your dream community.

We’re constantly bombarded with the next ‘big thing’, the game-changing strategy that promises to elevate our brand to unprecedented heights. But at what cost?

Marketing burnout is that state of overwhelming exhaustion we experience when we are subjected to constant and intense demands of creativity, strategy, and execution in our work.

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My Marketing Burn-Out

I’ve been there. Knee-deep in content calendars, social media metrics, and ad campaigns that never seem to sleep.

The early days of building my business Wild Samsara with the dream of ‘healing the world’ meant wearing every hat possible – from the strategist to community manager, creative director to data analyst.

Beside my actual day job of 1-1 clients sessions, group trainings, evening and weekend events and of course all the admin involved in that, I was also my company’ own Marketing Director.

When I had the energy I was on top of it all and it felt amazing.

The excitement of every new follower, every spike in engagement felt like a validation of the endless hours spent. But then, almost without warning, the exhaustion set in.

“I remember feeling like a hamster on a wheel – constantly moving but going nowhere. It was a never-ending cycle of tasks that left me drained and questioning if it was all worth it.”

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve already reached marketing burnout, or maybe you are still in that yang energy of constantly doing, unaware of the complete crash your creativity and own wellbeing is about to experience.

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The Tipping Point

There was one week that particularly stands out – I had 2 events, the first day of a 12 month training program, a full week of clients, and shop orders stacking up.

My email campaigns were all over the place, I hadn’t posted on social for days and I realised I hadn’t promoted half of what I was running that week. It was chaos.

Staying up until the early hours became the norm, not the exception. It was during one of those late-night sessions that I had my epiphany.

“My obsession with perfection was not only stifling my creativity but my well-being too. I was so focused on the minutiae that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”

I realised then that the stress and anxiety of trying to manage every detail were not badges of honour but red flags signalling a need for change.

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How Do You Know You Have Marketing Burnout?

Marketing burn-out is a common affliction in the wellness industry which is full of entrepreneurs and teams that thrive on personal passion.

We love what we do. It matters and we won’t stop until we have made a big impact in the world.

But trying to do our digital marketing ourselves – whether we are in a small marketing team or a one (wo)man band, is not only short-sighted but it unsustainable.

This type of burnout is not only characterised by mental and emotional fatigue but also a diminished passion for marketing itself, leading to reduced productivity and a sense of disillusionment with one’s career choice.

And if you aren’t marketing training, or you don’t have a natural affinity with tech, your wellness marketing strategy might be using up more energy that you’re getting back.

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5 Signs of Marketing Burnout

  1. Diminished Creativity: When every task starts to feel like a chore and the well of innovative ideas runs dry, it could be a sign that burnout is taking a toll on your creativity. The once exciting challenge of crafting compelling campaigns becomes a daunting task.
  2. Persistent Fatigue: No amount of coffee or sleep seems to shake off the constant state of tiredness. This isn’t just about physical exhaustion; mental fatigue creeps in, making it harder to focus and stay motivated.
  3. Irritability with Tasks and Teammates: Minor tasks become frustrating, and patience wears thin with colleagues and clients. This irritability is often out of character and a clear indicator that the stress of marketing demands is becoming overwhelming.
  4. Feeling Unattached and Cynical: There’s a growing sense of detachment from the job and a cynical outlook towards assignments that used to spark joy. This emotional distancing is a defence mechanism against burnout.
  5. Declining Performance: Despite best efforts, there’s a noticeable slip in the quality and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Deadlines are missed, and the results of strategies fail to meet expectations, further exacerbating the sense of inadequacy and failure.

The pressure to continuously produce compelling content, engage with audiences in real-time, and achieve measurable success can lead to stress, anxiety, and ultimately, marketing burnout.

This relentless push towards excellence and innovation can cause marketers to lose sight of their personal wellbeing and professional fulfillment.

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Seeking the Bigger Picture

If you’ve reached marketing burnout the chances are you were trying to do too much, and maybe you weren’t nailing each element as much as you first thought.

We’re a bunch of creatives so naturally we are full of ideas. But are we executing them well? Are we measuring and honing our success?

More importantly, is your need for doing it all holding you back from your true purpose?

Are You Playing Small?

The moment you realise that you’re playing small in the giant playground of wellness marketing is both humbling and liberating. For me, it was understanding that delegation and trust are not signs of weakness but of strength.

Renowned author and wellness advocate, Brené Brown, speaks volumes when she says:

“Daring leadership is about sharing power and decision-making, about admitting when we’re wrong, about asking for help when we need it. It’s recognising that team success is more important than individual achievement and that we as leaders don’t have to do it all alone — indeed, we cannot do it all alone.”

This resonated deeply with me. It wasn’t about relinquishing control but about inviting collaboration and expertise to guide the way.

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Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency

Our clients always tell us that the decision to partner with a marketing agency, like Aszend, was a pivotal moment not just for their wellness business but for their own mental health and personal wellbeing.

It marked the transition from being overwhelmed operators to strategic visionaries. It allowed them to step back, breathe, and focus on growth rather than just survival.

“Handing over the reins didn’t mean losing my vision; it meant enhancing it. With a team of experts driving our content marketing and efforts, we could finally see the wood for the trees.”

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Navigating the Path to Well-being in Business

In the race to thrive, remember that your mental and physical health is your greatest asset. Marketing burnout chronic workplace stress is real, and its effects can be profound.

But it’s also preventable. Here are some tips for managing marketing burnout:

  • Prioritise tasks: Not everything is urgent. Learn to distinguish between what needs immediate attention and what can wait.
  • Set realistic goals: Celebrate the small wins. Every step forward is progress.
  • Seek support: Whether it’s hiring a marketing agency or simply talking to a mentor, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Take time for yourself: Disconnect to reconnect. Your best work comes from a place of balance and well-being.
Close to Marketing Burnout? Here's What We've Learnt

Avoid Digital Marketing Burnout

In acknowledging my own experiences with marketing burnout, I’ve learnt the value of stepping back to propel forward.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency like Aszend can be instrumental in reshaping your approach to business and marketing. It’s not just about riding out the storms but learning to dance in the rain.

If you recognise the tell-tale signs of marketing burnout in your own journey, remember, it’s a sign to pause and reassess. After all, the goal is not just to create and build a successful business but to enjoy the ride along the way.

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”

A gentle reminder from Thomas A. Edison that sometimes, the effort to reach out for help can itself be the gateway to reaching new heights.

Don’t play small; your vision is too important. Delegate, trust, and watch your business (and your well-being) soar.

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